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Industrial encounters, architecture and people in the environment

Mother Goose

Seen in Cornish Rocks

Reading associations into rocks, seaweed, barnacles…………


Light and Shadow

A limited edition linocut based on summer sun in Greenwich Park.

Thames Path

Linoprints made from drawings along the Thames Path travelling East to West.


Flower studies emphasising contrasting colour and design.

Greenwich Park Sketches

Sketchbook pages of Greenwich Park in winter.


Sketchbook drawings made in Greenwich Park and oil painting from observation of a London garden in Spring.


The Thames shore, though rapidly being cleaned up, gives clues to its past uses.  Not so much shipping now, so the river shows its broad expanse as it curves to the west at Greenwich.

Quiet Rooms

I am moved by the silence of vacated rooms and hints of the people that were in them.

By the Thames at Greenwich

Grand architecture and reminders of its industrial history flank the Thames at Greenwich.  So much has disappeared, but the river goes on in changing light and weather.